Situated in the lap of the Himalayas at a height of 3200 meters, just 3 km away from Uttrakhand Badrinath, this is the most beautiful Mana Village.
Famous for its history as it is renowned for its association with Hindu mythology and Mahabharata, it is also known as the last northeastern village of India with tremendous serene nature all around.

It is based on the Chamoli region of Uttrakhand and since it is attached to Tibet it is also known as the route for business with Tibet for the last several years.
Surrounded by immensely huge mountains and greenery makes it is tremendously splendid and attracts the tourist. The beauty is so unique that it makes the village the rarest of the rare village in India.

The mythology behind the Mana Village is the huge stone that was kept by Bheem while the Pandavas was trying to cross the SarasvatiRiver to reach heaven which is now famously known as Bheemshila.

Here the villagers who live in small cottages which are beautifully carved will warmly welcome you. Also as a tourist, you will have an edge over the woollen clothes, garments and carpets once you visit this village.

Not just this, Mana gao is also known for its Tapt Kund which is a sacred place for lord Agni which has various medicinal values and rich in curing many types of skin diseases.
Also, it is believed that the one who comes to this place with a pure heart will benefit from getting rid of sins throughout their lives.

Also, people visit here to have a trekking experience towards the waterfall of Vasudhara which is 9km away from Badrinath temple.

Hope this gives you an idea about this beautiful and peaceful small village and would give u a travel goal towards the same.
Happy travelling?


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